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I am Amy. I have raised pygmy goats since 2001 but I have just ventured into the Nubian breed in 2006. I currently have three purebred does and 2 purebred bucks. My does are mainly for the show ring but their milk production isn't slacking. At this time I have two senior does and one junior doe.

I'm located north of Logansport, Indiana.

My goats get quality alfalfa hay, if alfalfa hay isn't available, they get free choice grass hay with alfalfa pellets. They also have mineral free choice. My milking does are fed a grain mix that I mix myself.

All of my purebred nubian kids are raised away from the does on strict CAE prevention reguardless of their dam's CAE status. The kids are raised on Coccidia prevention and all kids are disbudded and up to date on worming, cd/t, and bose before leaving. Kids are weaned between 10 and 12 weeks of age.

I currently do not have any purebred nubians for sale at this time.

Taking Reservations for 2009.

Please take a look around and check out the does!
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